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How I Got Here

My name is Samantha Smith Sims. I'm married to my amazing, supportive husband Chase and we have 2 old pups and 1 cat together. I've loved art as far as I can remember. I was a nail technician for 14 years and although I loved the profession and all my clients, I knew I didn't want to do that forever. It wasn't my passion. I wanted to be able to stay at home and care for my old dogs, while still being able to obtain my artistic release. I've been a "girly girl" since I was a child and as I grew up, I fell in love with hair, makeup and, you guessed it, EARRINGS! Nothing got me excited like finding the perfect pair of statement earrings to finish off my look. My main goal at Gilded Goddess is to create satisfactory quality, beautiful earrings that will put a smile on my customer's faces. I want my customers to know that anytime they order from Gilded Goddess, they will always be getting an incredible product that I have meticulously hand-crafted with love and care to make each piece perfect!

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